People who suffer critical illnesses such as cancers, strokes, heart attacks and MS experience significant changes in their lifestyle. Independent people become dependent. Most need time off work. They require money to pay for items that they never needed before. In BC, not all health care costs are covered. The solution is critical illness insurance.

Critical illness insurance is designed to pay a lump sum of money, tax-free, 30 days after diagnosis of a critical illness. You collect the money while you are living.

Critical illness insurance plays an important role in the life of families and business owners. The money can be used for anything. Families may wish to use the money to pay off debts, replace lost income or receive specialized medical treatments. This money can be used for home modifications. A holiday to recuperate may be a wonderful gift for the family.

Business owners may wish to pay off loans, replace reduced earnings or provide for an interim employee to carry on business. This insurance gives the owner the ability to keep a business operating while focusing all energy on recovery. Returning to a successful business provides peace of mind.

Critical illness insurance has added benefits. If you live and have no critical illnesses, you can receive all your premiums back.

Over eighty percent of claims for critical illness insurance are paid out for the three most common illnesses - cancer, heart attack and stroke. The Canadian Cancer Society estimates 67 percent of cancer treatment costs are indirect expenses not covered by provincial plans.

Critical illness is an investment in your health. With increasing incidences of critical illnesses and survival rates, this new insurance gives security to individuals, families and business owners.

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