Life Insurance is one type of insurance that protects your loved ones. When you have a spouse or dependants, life insurance gives them protection. It helps guarantee that there will be a home for them to live in, food on the table and expenses taken care of. It is also an immediate source of money for the family.

Life insurance helps covers expenses such as funeral costs, small and large debts, mortgages and income taxes due. If you are the bread-winner, life insurance can pay off the mortgage and provide the necessary monthly income. Your family will have income. They will be able to stay in the same home and keep the RRSPs. For the stay-at-home parent, insurance covers all what they do.

Reviewing your life insurance is a process simpler than you might think. After discussing your needs, a plan is chosen and applied for. A medical questionnaire, stating your current state of health, forms part of the application. The insurance company reviews your application and makes you an offer. Once accepted and the premium paid, the policy is in place. You can pay the premiums either annually or monthly, which ever suits you the best. Premiums may be smaller than you think too. While the cost of living has increased, the cost of insurance has come down.

If an unexpected death should occur, your beneficiaries receive the money. This money helps to pay for life and living expenses – mortgage or rent, food, monthly bills, children’s activities, etc. This is the reason why you carry life insurance. It is worth more than you can ever imagine.

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